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Wednesday, April 23rd

Walking the Brain Path | 3 Sessions | 75 Minutes 

                                                     Thursday, April 24th

The Poverty Simulation | 2 Sessions | 75 Minutes

Friday, April 25th


Innovative School Visit – Monarch Academy Public Charter School    1 Session | 3 Hours in Length (Including Transportation Time) 

Innovative School Visit – The Children’s Guild Non-Public School  1 Session | 3 Hours in Length (Including Transportation Time) 

Service Project – The Monarch Academy, Baltimore City Campus      1 Session | 3 Hours in Length (Including Transportation Time)  

 “Getting Better Every Day: School Assessment, Self-Evaluation, Mind Management, and Life Success” Feature Presentation with Frank Kros| 1 Session | 3 Hours in Length 

Innovative Program Visit – Staffa House Group Home  | 1 Session | 3 Hours in Length (Including Transportation Time) 

 Authoring Action – How-To, Hands-On Workshop | 1 Session | 3 Hours in Length 

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soldout11th Annual National Conference

April 23rd -April 25th

Join the National At-Risk Education Network for the most experiential, interactive conference to date! Transforming Education: Transforming Ourselves The AGENDA has been finalized; featuring over 30 breakout sessions, 9 exceptional keynote speakers, 3 featured presenters w/ extended sessions, live performances, gourmet food, networking opportunities and more. The 3 day conference is held in Baltimore, Maryland at the TranZed Conference Center;  a learning environment you have to see to believe.


Wednesday, April 23rd

8:45am Dr. Stephen Sroka kicks off the conference, presenting “The Power of One”

11:30am Dr. Andrew Ross and Cast of The Children’s Guild perform, “Giving Birth to a Dream: The Founding of NAREN Musical Review”

3:45pm Dr. John K.E. Tan presents “Impacting At-Risk Students: The Singapore Story”

Thursday, April 24th 

8:45am Bryan Harris presents, “Supporting At-Risk Students in the Age of Common Core”

11:30 Authoring Action: Direct from the Source

2:15pm Dr. Steve Parese presents, “Safe and Sound: Creating Positive Learning  Environments”

3:45pm Marcus “Dr. Respect” Gentry presents “I Have a Dream: A King’s Journey”

Friday, April 26th 

8:45am Ken Crowell presents, “Online Learning and Kids At-Risk: Lessons From the Lion’s Den”

10:15am Gary Grenier presents, “They Eat Puppies, Don’t They?”


Wednesday, April 23rd

Marcella Wilson, Ph.D. & Deborah Snyder present, “Transition to Success: Breaking the Cycle of poverty – A National Framework of Care” for 3 consecutive sessions!  10:15am, 12:45pm, & 2:15pm

Thursday, April 24th

Jean Carpenter-Williams presents, “Trauma for Teachers: How Students’ Traumatic Experiences Impact Learning”  for 2 consecutive sessions! 10:15am & 12:45pm

Friday, April 25th

NAREN Director, Frank Kros, MSW, JD presents, “Getting Better Every Day: School Assessment, Self Evaluation, Mind Management and Life Success” 12:45 to 3:45pm